Wagtail Space

Train, talk, listen, sprint and fly!

From March 21st until 25th, Wagtail Space takes place in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Wagtail Space brings you Wagtail training sessions, Wagtail (lightning) talks and a Wagtail sprint. There is room for over 40 attendees. To make sure you won’t only be working, there’s some social events like a party on Friday evening.

All Wagtail enthusiast are welcome, regardless of their role. If you are a beginner, we will get you up and running,  more advanced developers can dive in deep. There will be Wagtail core developers attending.

Are you ready to fly? Enter Wagtail Space!

Live stream

When and Where

March 21 - 25, 2017
Jansbinnensingel 26,
6811AL Arnhem
The Netherlands

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See Program.

Office opens daily at 08:30.

Chat / IRC / ICQ?

We prefer Slack. Join the #dutch-sprint channel on wagtailcms  slack.


Four Digits
Phone: +31 26 4422700
Email: sprint@fourdigits.nl

Training, Talks and Sprint

Training sessions

Tuesday morning we start Wagtail Space with training sessions. Are you new to Wagtail and want to get up and running? Then these training sessions are for you!

We need more experienced developers to help out. If you would like to share your knowledge, let us know!

There are a few (experienced) training attendees. We decided that the training will be in Q&A style. First we’ll decide what we’d like to learn and prioritise the questions, then we will answer by pair programming. Finally we present the results and share the code.


Tuesday afternoon will be Talks (15min + 5min Q&A) and Lightning talks (about π min). 

Current confirmed talks:

  • Tom Dyson: Wagtail Experiments - easy A/B testing for your Wagtail sites
  • Mike Dingjan: Wagtailtrans - Support multiple languages for your Wagtail site
  • Ben van't Ende: Building an Open Source Community
  • Mike Overkamp: File download counter
  • Daniele Procida: Deploy Wagtail to the Divio Cloud
  • Rob Moorman: Static Site
  • Edd Baldry: Wagtail & Agile
  • Edd Baldry: Modular StreamField app
  • Fabrique: All about Wagtail
  • Matt Wescott: The Zen of Wagtail

If you like to give a (lightning) talk let us know.

Possible topics:

  • Wagtail Core Development
  • How to contribute
  • Your awesome project/product
  • Your sprint proposal
  • ...


During the sprint we will improve the Wagtail core. The exact sprint goals are not decided yet. They won't be fixed until the sprint kickoff session. That said, think of your favourite issue/feature you like to improve.

Please add any ideas you have regarding the sprint, such as things you'd like (other people) to work on, to this document: https://goo.gl/1kgHJE

Location & facilities

Four Digits Office

The sprint will be held at the Four Digits Office, located in the city centre of Arnhem. We have room for over 40 attendees. There are a lot of hotels/B&B's close to the office. If you need any help finding a suitable hotel let us know and we'll gladly assist you.

We have wireless network on a fiber connection. We also have a shower, fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, and we're close to both the main parks and the city centre.


To take your mind off the days of hard work and make you even more productive, we will organise some amusement:

Wednesday:  Climbing Clinic (indoor). No experience required, licensed instructors will help you reach great heights. Bring trainers / running shoes and loose-fitting pants. NOTE: This part of the program is at your own expense, expect €22.

We will go for a run just before lunch, don't forget your running gear!

Friday evening: PARTY


This event is inclusive food and drinks. All attendees can join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner (live cooking).

Travel & hotels


These hotels are all within walking distance of our office. If you can't find a suitable hotel let us know and we'll help you find one:

  • Hotel Arnhem Centraal
  • Hotel Haarhuis
  • Hotel Molendal
  • Hotel Old Dutch
  • Hotel Blanc
  • Bordeaux B&B
  • Hotel Rembrandt
  • Hotel NN


Our office is at a 10 minutes' walk from Arnhem Central Station. View on Google Maps.

From Schiphol Airport (AMS), take the Intercity to Nijmegen (1h13m, every 30 mins). 

Book your train e-ticket at ns.nl

Questions? sprint@fourdigits.nl


Name Nickname Company Dates % Sure Remote
Roel Bruggink Jaroel Four Digits All dates 100% no
Maarten Kling Kabz Four Digits All dates 100% no
Kees Hink khink Four Digits All dates 100% no
Coen van der Kamp allcaps Four Digits All dates 100% no
Mike Dingjan mikedingjan Lukkien All dates Thursday, Friday no
Daniele Procida EvilDMP Divio Not sure 100% no
Tom Dyson tomdyson Torchbox Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 100% no
Rob Moorman robmoorman Moor Interactive All dates 75% (maybe not all dates) no
Michael van Tellingen mvantellingen Michael van Tellingen Tuesday, (Wednesday or Thursday), Friday 100% no
Franklin Kingma kingel Four Digits All dates 100% no
Cristian Vargas cavb Kausana All dates 100% Yes
Thijs Kramer thijskramer Four Digits All dates 100% no
Ludolf Takens ltakens Four Digits All dates 100% no
Henk-Jan van Hasselaar Henk-JanVanHasselaar Lukkien All dates Thursday, Friday no
Jasper Berghoef jberghoef Lab Digital Tuesday 100% no
Boris Besemer blurrah - All dates 80% no
Ross Curzon-Butler rosco77 rosco77 All dates 100% / 70% / 70% / 70% no / maybe / maybe / maybe
Matt Westcott gasman Torchbox All dates 100% no
Jan-Eric Kwak JE AMPED Concepts Tuesday, Friday 100% no
Bertrand Bordage BertrandBordage NoriPyt All dates 100% no
Janneke Janssen jjanssen Lukkien Thursday, Friday 100% no
Wietze Helmantel helmantel PythonUnited Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 100% no
Arne de Laat 153957 Leukeleu All dates 99% no
Ramon de Jezus ramonakira Leukeleu All dates 100% no
Huub Bouma huubbouma Python United Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 100% no
Edd Baldry heymonkeyriot Potato London Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 100% no
Paul Stevens pjstevns Lab Digital BV tbd 100% no
Dennis Bunskoek dbunskoek Leukeleu Tuesday, Friday 100% no
Tom Hendrikx whyscream Four Digits All dates 100% no
David Ray daaray Caktus Group Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 100% yes
Patrick Gerken do3cc Zumtobelgroup.com All dates 100% no
Dennis Willems dezzign Dezzign All dates 100% no
Mike Overkamp mikeoverkamp Four Digits All dates 100% no
Ralph Jacobs ralphjacobs Four Digits All dates 100% no
Marko Kruijer - Fabrique Tuesday, maybe Friday 100% no
Mark Dibbets - Fabrique Tuesday, maybe Friday 100% tuesday 90% friday no
Christine Ho cho-leukeleu Leukeleu All dates 100% no
Jaap Roes jaap3 Leukeleu Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 100% no
Simon de Haan smn Praekelt.org Tuesday 100% no
Olly Willans - Torchbox Thursday, Friday 100% no
Ben Enright - Torchbox Thursday, Friday 100% no
Xavier - Fabrique Tuesday 100% no
Vincent de Jong - Fabrique Tuesday 100% no
Mohammed-Amine Zyad amizya University of Sultan Moulay Slimane All dates 100% yes
Henk henken specialunderwear PermanentMarkers All dates 100% no
Hugo van den Berg - Lukkien Thursday, Friday 100% no
Naberd Zendi - UWKM Friday 100% no
Stefan Bomhof - UWKM Thursday 100% no
Stefan Jilsink - UWKM Thursday 100% no
Temoeri Sjamojani - UWKM Wednesday 100% no
Katherine Fu - UWKM Wednesday 100% no
Mario Fabi - UWKM Tuesday 100% no
Jan de Boer - UWKM Tuesday 100% no
Geert Jan Hoogeslag - UWKM Tuesday 100% no
Robin van der Rijst rvdrijst Fabrique Tuesday 100% no

Sign me up!

Would you like to join us? Please sign up for Wagtail Space!

If you can not attend the whole event, join just for a couple of days. Please indicate which days you'll be joining, so we can plan accordingly.

Attendance is free of charge.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Do you want to help sponsor the event? Contact us at sprint@fourdigits.nl.

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House rules

Please refer to the House Rules page.